End Meeting for All
End Meeting for All
Async communication for remote teams. Instead of meetings, send videos and audios — both transcribed
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Beseda - Async video and audio messaging for remote teams | Product Hunt
Beséda means nice and easy conversation in Russian. That’s exactly what we want the communication inside teams to be like. Nice and easy
Remote communication is tough
There are too many meetings, which leaves no time for focused work
Time zones complicate collaboration, makes it hard to keep up
Texting takes too much time. Sometimes it’s hard to put the whole idea in words
Asynchronous communication is a solution for modern work culture. Get back to your teammates with videos and audios at any time. Use transcription for quick viewing to speed things up
Here’s what you can do with Beseda
Structure discussions with threads coming soon
Comment on specific moments in videos and audios
Record using the plugin or the app
Organize your video coming soon
Have all of your videos and audios transcribed and easily searchable
Use cases
Sync with the team in a convenient manner. Send video or audio updates and keep in touch with your team without spending at least 15 minutes on meetings everyday
Use videos for design reviews or to share ideas. Don’t depend on the time zones, let your teammates leave feedback whenever they can
Use videos to leave feedback yourself. If the words don’t do it for you to convey the right message, try doing it with a video
No need to make a series of screenshots to capture every single detail for your teammates. Video is an easier way to deliver a complex context without having to worry about leaving something out
Integrations coming soon
Leave video and audio feedback in Figma with Beseda's plugin. Say bye to only commenting with words
And more has coming